GMA Garnet Abrasive Distributor

GMA GarnetSandblast Solutions is a distributor of GMA Garnet.  Garnet abrasive is purchased in 50 lb bags, 100 lb bags, 3000-4000 lb super sacks, or full truckloads. Abrasives can be delivered to the job site with other rental equipment and accessories.

Garnet is a preferred source of abrasive because it has the right combination of hardness, grain size, and density.  GMA Garnet can be recycled 5 or 10 times depending on the application.  Garnet is also free of any environmental concerns so clean up is easier than other types of abrasives.

Garnet abrasives can be used on all types of abrasive blasting jobs.  It is popular on stainless steel and other specialty alloys because it is free of metallic iron. Sandblast Solutions also carries crushed glass and coal slag.

Delivery Area: New Jersey, Pennsylvania, Delaware, Maryland, New York, Virginia and Connecticut.

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