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Induron Paint CansOnsite Evaluation for Recommendations and Specs
Organic Zinc
Ceramic Epoxies/Mastic Epoxies
Ceramic 100% Solids Tank Lining Systems

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PE70 epoxy: tan, gray or white (NSF 61) 1:1 Potable Epoxy 70% solids
Perma-Clean 100-ceramic epoxy pool blue (NSF 61) 1:1 100% Solids Ceramic Epoxy Lining
MC67 Organic Zinc: yield 4 gallon kit Organic Zinc
Perma-Tuff SL Floor 4:1 100% Solids Floor Coating
Perma-Gloss Fluorourethane 4:1 Fluorourethane
Indurethane 6700 Flat 8:1 Urethane Flat
Indurethane 6600 Plus Gloss 8:1 Urethane High Gloss
Permastic Polyurethane 4:1 Permastic Urethane
Perma-Clean II high solids epoxy 4:1 Polyamid Epoxy 60% Solids
Aquanaut II Acrylic Gloss Acrylic DTM Gloss

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