About Us

Our History

Sandblast Solutions, Inc. started as an industrial painting company. Over the years, SSI purchased more and more equipment required for some of the largest surface preparation jobs in the United States.

To increase return on investment for this heavy duty sandblasting equipment, SSI began to rent these machines to other industrial painting companies. Over time, the rentals and equipment sales became the primary business. The team at SSI brings a combined 25+ years experience in designing sandblasting equipment.

TWWD: That’s What We Do

Sandblast Equipment Rentals: that’s what we do!

Sandblast Supplies: that’s what we do!

Impressive Service: that’s what we do, and better than anyone in the industry.

In addition to our passion to provide superior equipment to our clients, our unique blend of knowledge is what sets us apart from our competition. Our clients are our number one priority and it is the only way we do business.

We understand the customization needed in this ever-changing industry and we will continue to provide both state-of-the-art equipment and the knowledge to meet the needs of each and every customer. We are constantly researching new technologies to improve the productivity and efficiency of our new and existing equipment in order to bring you the best solutions for your projects. No matter the size of the project, we offer all clients the same service and support expected from a total equipment solution company.

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SSI provides all types of sandblasting equipment for sale and rent, this includes but is not limited to: steel grit recyclers, dust collectors, industrial vacuums, decontamination trailers, sandblast pots, air dryers, accessories, and consumables. We have also teamed up with WIWA to offer the latest in coating application equipment including dual-component, heated, and airless spray systems.

Our main office is located in Central New Jersey and we can provide complete equipment solutions to the entire United States. To learn more about our products and rentals, contact us today.