coal-slagIf you are in the surface preparation industry, you need a reliable product that can blast imperfections and offer superior adhesive results. Sandblast Solutions, Inc. is a distributor of Black Beauty Abrasives, one of the leading abrasive manufacturers.

What is Coal Slag?

Coal slag is a fast-cutting blasting abrasive that is often used to remove surface coatings and contaminants found on steel and concrete surfaces. Black Beauty coal slag is often referred to as a “green” abrasive because it meets environmental standards. Black Beauty’s line of abrasives are known for low dusting and low free silica attributes, containing less than .01% free silica.

Benefits of Coal Slag

  • Low Cost
    As one of the most effective blasting mediums on the market, your time and cost per use pays for itself.
  • Efficient 
    Its high bulk density quickly cuts through surfaces faster than other competing abrasives.
  • Environmentally Friendly 
    Black Beauty abrasives undergo extensive testing to meet and exceed environmental requirements.


Extra Fine
Use Extra Fine to clean surfaces and create a smooth finish, brush-off blast or in a high pressure water blast system.
Use Fine for new construction, light paint and rust removal, and for special maintenance applications requiring reduced profiles. Bridge maintenance, light mill scale, paint and rust, new structural steel.
Use Medium for general purpose repair and maintenance blasting for the removal of paint and rust, structural steel, mill scale and aggregate exposure.

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Our coal slag can be purchased in 50 lb bags, 100 lb bags, 3000-4000 lb super sacks, or full truckloads. Our abrasive products are delivered directly to your job site along with other rental equipment and accessories.

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