Remove dust and other contaminants by renting a portable dust collector for your industrial job. Sandblast Solutions offers a range of electric and diesel portable dust collectors in a variety of sizes. We can also provide all of the hoses, filters, and other accessories required for the dust collection system.

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Choose the Right Vacuum Trailer & Vecloader Rental

Vacuum Trailers were developed for abrasive blast recovery and roof rock removal to clean a project site after sandblasting and excavation jobs. These powerful vacuums offer important features that will keep your space safe and clean while your project is underway.

  1. Hydraulically Powered Hopper – these systems can carry a large amount of waste which can be manually operated to dump excess waste where necessary. The hopper can be set to dispose of materials on a timed basis set by the owner.
  2. Baghouse – an alternative method for collecting waste that dumps cycles into a bag situated directly under the hopper.
  3. Hose – a powerful suction that efficiently gathers waste and distributes it into the hopper or baghouse.
  • Removes waste 236% faster.
    Vecloader systems remove waste quickly and efficiently compared to a manual removal process.
  • Reduces airborne particulates by an average of 36%.
    Compared to manual removal, the discharge process cuts back on the number of toxic particulates that escape into the air.
  • Faster discharge process.
    Vecloaders do not have to be removed for emptying; they offer continuous vacuuming by allowing the machinery to remain on the site through a timed dumping system.
  • Broad Range of Power.
    These systems can usually run on diesel, electric, or gas.
  • Less labor.
    Fewer workers are needed with this system because the trailer is built to process the material easily.

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