Air Drying Components


Van Air FD

Blast Pak Air Drying Systems
(FD 250-1, 600 scfm Series)


Dry-O-Lite Desiccant
(50 # Bags, Pails, Skids or Drums)

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Air Drying Components

FD-250 Blast Pak #FD-250
FD-400 Blast Pak #FD-400
FD-800 Blast Pak #FD-800
FD-1200 Blast Pak #FD-1200
FD-1600 Blast Pak #FD-1600
Dry-O-Lite, 1 Bag (50lbs) #33-0311
Dry-O-Lite, 10 Bags #33-0311
Dry-O-Lite, 1 Skid (40 Bags) #33-0311
Dry-O-Lite, 6 Skids (240 Bags) #33-0311
Dry-O-Lite, 18lb Pail #33-0403
Dry-O-Lite, 50lb Pail #33-0313
Dry-O-Lite, 500lb Drum #33-0203
Dry-O-Lite, 2000lbs #33-0284

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Dry-O-Lite Desiccant Tabs

Dry-O-Lite Desiccant Tabs are an industry leading drying agent used in tandem with our air compressor rentals. Perfect for any abrasive blasting and air drying project. Visit our store to purchase 50 pound Dry-O-Lite Desiccant bags and a series of other equipment for your project. Featured manufacturers include Axxiom, HoldTight, WIWA, RPB Safety, Van Air Systems, Western Technology, Graco Inc., & Tri-Tech.

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