8 ton blast pot

Blast Pot Packages

Sandblast Solutions provides electric and pneumatic sandblast pots with a variety of vessel sizes to meet your needs. Our blast pots can be purchased or rented along with accessories and safety equipment, plus we offer nationwide delivery right to the job site. Sandblast Solutions also offers blast pot packages that come with everything you need with your blast pot rental. Our staff can help you find a blast pot that fits your needs and can provide support for setup and troubleshooting.

Popular models are shown below, but others are available through our various suppliers.


3.5 Cu. FT Blast Pots

(150 PSI, 500 lbs., electric or pneumatic)

6.5 schmidt blast pot

6.5 Cu. FT Blast Pots

(150 PSI, 500 lbs., electric or pneumatic)

8 Ton Blast Pots

(150 PSI, 9,000 lbs., DC-Volt DC Electric)

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