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Sandblast Solutions Inc. is an official distributor of C.I.M. (Chevron Industrial Membrane) coating products. C.I.M. is the leading liquid containment product for industrial painters. It is easily applied, seamless, flexible at the extremes, highly chemical resistant, and can also bridge gaps and cracks in dissimilar materials.

Quantities range from 36-pound pails to 52.5-gallon drums for larger jobs. Industrial painting contractors can order C.I.M. coatings along with other supplies and equipment from Sandblast Solutions to be delivered to the job site. Shop our full line of industrial painting products below.

Popular models are shown below, but others are available through our various suppliers.

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CIM 800 Coating Bucket

C.I.M. 800 Coating Mix

CIM 800 is a tough weather durable, waterproofing coating specifically formulated to meet the demands of waterproofing above or below grade.

This two-component, cold, liquid applied urethane coating adheres to form a permanent seamless barrier to water. It is especially well suited for roofs over critical spaces (e.g. clean rooms, control rooms), areas with multiple penetrations and curbs, and between-slab waterproofing.

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CIM 1000 Coating Bucket

C.I.M. 1000 Coating Mix

CIM 1000 is a two-component high-performance coating and lining that forms a seamless, tough elastomeric membrane. The cold applied materials are asphalt-extended polyurethanes that combine both the water impermeability characteristics of asphalt with the tough flexibility of urethane to create a system that will last for years. Materials are UL fire rated and meet tough VOC regulations.

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CIM 1000 TG Coating Bucket

C.I.M. 1000 TG Coating Mix

CIM 1000 Trowel Grade is a tough, liquid applied, two-component, chemical and corrosion-resistant urethane elastomer coating, chemically thickened to allow trowel applications with minimum sag.

It can be used as a crack filler or for application to vertical surfaces and corner flashings. CIM 1000TG offers the same advantages as CIM 1000 and is approved for contact with potable water in accordance with ANSI/NSF 61. CIM 1000TG may be applied in thicknesses up to 250 mils on vertical surfaces.

Spec Sheet

CIM 1061 Coating Bucket

C.I.M. 1061 Coating Mix

CIM 1061 is ANSI/NSF approved for potable water and is recommended for use in fish ponds, pools, zoos, aquariums, and other applications where waterproofing may come in contact with wildlife.

CIM 1061 is a two-component high-performance coating and lining that forms a seamless, tough elastomeric lining. The material is an asphalt-extended polyurethane that combines both the water impermeability characteristics of asphalt with the tough flexibility of a urethane to create a system that will last for years. Products are UL fire rated, meet tough VOC regulations, and are ANSI/NSF 61 approved for potable water contact.

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C.I.M. EMT Primer (Moisture Tolerant Primer)

CIM EMT primer is a two-component solvent-free epoxy primer used for porous surfaces, like concrete. It’s moisture tolerant nature allows for adhesion to surfaces where a dry condition cannot be achieved.

CIM EMT Epoxy Primer is packaged in 3-gallon units consisting of 2 gallons of CIM EMT Resin and 1 gallon of CIM EMT Hardener. Proper volumes of each must be mixed thoroughly prior to application.

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Support Products

C.I.M. Mixing Jig

CIM Mixing Jig is a steel tool that enables one person to mix as much material as a two-person crew.

All components are welded into one unit. Pail lid, pouring spout for adding Activator, bail catches to keep the Mixing Jig from turning on the pail, center guide for user-supplied mixing paddle, and mounting bracket for user-supplied 1 ⁄2″ mixing drill.

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C.I.M. Squeegee

A fast, effective way to apply CIM coatings.

CIM Squeegees are designed to work most effectively on flat, horizontal surfaces. The squeegee efficiently spreads the mixed product to a consistent mil thickness.

The squeegee blade is made from durable notched neoprene with a 30″ blade size and nominal size for nominal application rates 20 mil or 60 mil dependent on squeegee selected.

Spec Sheet

C.I.M. Timer

Use an accurate mixing timer for accurate, repeatable mix times. The CIM Mixing Timer ensures accurate and exact mixing times, pail after pail. Pushing the start button on the timer starts the process of getting the premix material moving.

Spec Sheet

4EVASEAL Fabric Back Tape

Choose a strong sealing tape that bonds to most materials. Commonly used in conjunction with roof coatings and waterproofing materials.

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C.I.M. 61BG Epoxy Primer

Use on porous surfaces to limit outgassing, and on freshly blasted steel to prevent flash rust.

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C.I.M. Bonding Agent

Use on non-porous surfaces to maximize adhesion. Use instead of CIM 61BG Epoxy Primer where flash rust is not a concern. Use on CIM outside of recoat window as directed when multiple coats are required.

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C.I.M. Scrim

Use on details, such as joints in plywood, gypsum, and cement board, as directed.

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