Compressed Air Dryer Rental

Rent an inline desiccant air dryer. Sandblast Solutions has several models and sizes available that can delivered to your job site. All air dyers are skid mounted for easy transportation and can be delivered with other sandblasting rentals and supplies.  You can also purchase Dry-O-Lite Desiccant in quantities of 50lbs to 2000lbs.

Available Rentals: FD-1600 Blast Pak (spec sheet), FD-1200 Blast Pak, FD-800 Blast Pak, FD-400 Blast Pak, FD-250 Blast Pak, Dry-Pro Mod-U-Blast® DSV250, DSV450, DSV750, DSV100, DSV1200, DSV1500.

Delivery Area: New Jersey, Pennsylvania, Delaware, Maryland, New York, Virginia, North Carolina, West Virginia, Rhode Island, Connecticut and Massachusetts.

Featured Air Compressor Desiccant Dryer


Van Air FD-1600 Blast Pak

Van Air Blast Pak

Dimensions 94.5″x71.5″x43″
In/Out Connector 3″ NPT or 2″ NPT
Air Motor Consumption 1600cfm
Weight 1875lbs
Dry-O-Lite Qty 1000lbs
Maximum Work Pressure 175PSIG

Dry-Pro Mod-U-Blast® Vertical Air Dryers

‘Dry-Pro’ Air Dryers by Mod-U-Blast®

DSV250 23″ 48″ 75″ 661 lbs 200 LBS
DSV450 26″ 48″ 78″ 811 lbs 300 LBS
DSV750 36″ 54″ 85″ 1200 lbs 400 LBS
DSV1000 44″ 68″ 93″ 1890 lbs 1000 LBS
DSV1200 44″ 68″ 93″ 2040 lbs 1200 LBS
DSV1600 44″ 68″ 95″ 2170 lbs 1250 LBS

To get a quote on an inline compressed air desiccant dryer call (609) 301-7599 or contact us.