Keep your project running efficiently with our line of blast pot rentals. We provide electric and pneumatic sandblast pots with a variety of vessel sizes to meet your needs. Our most common rentals are 3.5 cubic feet, 6.5 cubic feet, and 8-ton blast pots manufactured by Schmidt. Our blast pots can be purchased or rented along with accessories and safety equipment, plus we offer nationwide delivery right to the job site. Sandblast Solutions also offers blast pot packages that come with everything you need with your blast pot rental.

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Choose the Right Sandblasting Pot Rental

Blast pots are used for sandblasting projects. These pots expose abrasive media to the right pressure to blast surfaces at a high velocity. Generally sandblasting is used to simultaneously clean and profile surfaces and old coatings.

Common applications include: 

  • Industries manufacturing or working with steel
  • Industrial painting
  • Concrete and surface preparation

Blast pots come in a variety of pressure vessel sizes. Choosing a size depends on the space of the job site, the type of job, and how much area needs to be covered. Larger vessels, like the 8-ton blast pot, provide workers with a prolonged blast time and less time refilling the vessel.

We are always available to help you determine the type of blast pot required for the job.

  • Increase Production, Efficient Cleaning Process. 
    Blast pots offer a simple solution to simultaneously clean and profile a surface, leading to less leg work for the contractor.
  • Mobile.
    Easy to maneuver system on wheels.
  • Easy to Use.
    All that’s needed to get started is the blast pot, air compressor, and nozzle!
  • Promotes OSHA Abrasive Blasting Regulations.
    Systems are designed to suppress the level of silica dust and other harmful contaminants that may come from the substrate

Rent a Blast Pot

At Sandblast Solutions, Inc we’ll work with you every step of the way to ensure you have everything necessary for your industrial painting project. Our team is available 24/7 for on-site training, support, and direct delivery to your job site.

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Delivered Nationwide

We offer direct delivery nationwide, 24/7 support, and on-site training so you can confidently operate our equipment.

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