Many industrial painting jobs require decontamination trailers when dealing with lead or asbestos. Sandblast Solutions has affordable two, four, and six-stall decontamination shower trailers available for rent. Our trailers are equipped with clean water, designed for year-round use, and can be delivered nationwide to the job site along with other abrasive blasting and painting equipment.

Choose the Right Decontamination Trailer Rental

Decontamination trailers, or decon trailers, are typically found on sites where individuals are working with or nearby harsh chemicals. Decon trailers are a common necessity for any industrial painting site where workers are dealing with lead or asbestos.

Common applications include: 

  • Power plants
  • Industrial coatings projects
  • Oil refineries
  • Lead and Asbestos projects

Decon trailers typically feature heavy-duty steel frame doors with at least two stalls to separate personnel between the “clean side” and “dirty side” of the trailer. The purpose of the dirty side is to contain harmful contaminants. After workers are exposed to dangerous chemicals, they will enter the “dirty side” to remove all clothing and shower. After showering, they will enter the “clean side” which usually offers lockers to change into a clean set of clothing. Decon trailers come in a variety of sizes depending on your needs. If your project requires a larger team, consider renting a 6-stall decontamination trailer.

  • Promotes Work Place Safety. 
    You can never be too prepared when you are working alongside harsh chemicals! Following OSHA regulations keeps workers out of harm’s way and communicates that your team promotes safety.
  • On-site Containment.
    Containing harmful chemicals on-site is a safe way to ensure your team isn’t compromising off-site environments.
  • Mobile.
    Decon trailers are designed for easy mobility from site-to-site.
  • Provides Water.
    No matter the temperature outside, these units are designed for year-round use.
  • Year-Round Use.
    No matter the temperature outside, these units are designed for year-round use.

Rent a Decontamination Trailer

Protect your team with a heavy-duty, decontamination trailer. At Sandblast Solutions, Inc. we provide 2-stall, 4-stall, and 6-stall decontamination trailers for rent. Our sales team offers 24/7 support, on-site training, and direct delivery to your job site for your convenience. To get a quote on a decontamination trailer fill out the form below or call (609) 301-7599.

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Delivered Nationwide

We offer direct delivery nationwide, 24/7 support, and on-site training so you can confidently operate our equipment.

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