Shower 6 Stalls
Trailer Size 32′ x 8′ enclosed trailer

2 5/16” adjustable hitch, Front Load Jack 10,000lb

  • ¾” Advantek sub-flooring; seamless, non-slip
  • .040 thick, smooth aluminum exterior siding with white baked enamel finish;
  • R-11 insulation – floors, walls and ceiling; one air vent
  • heavy duty ACSI SIP aluminum framed doors with full length continuous hinge and door locks (30” x 79”)
Climate Controls

5,600 BTU heating & 15,000 BTU cooling

Decon Equipment

Negative air HEPA filtration,

Materials Filtered

Lead filtration system, Negative force fan – separate filter


Four (4) fluorescent light fixtures

Tank Capacity

100 gallon polyethylene holding tank mounted under

Water Supply

65 gallon electric water heater

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