Dustless Vapor Blasting Equipment Rental

Vapor blasting, also known as wet blasting, is great for marine maintenance, graffiti removal and other industrial surface preparation.  While its not quite dustless, wet blasting results in 97% less dust and airborne particles than conventional blasting. Vapor blasting also uses 50-75% less abrasives than conventional blasting.

Vapor blasting kits are complex systems that combine air, water and abrasive from a range of 25 PSI to 175 PSI. Units are often self-contained on a trailer for easy transportation. Sandblast Solutions carries many of the most popular vapor blasting kits. Popular blasting machine manufactures include:

Delivery Area: New Jersey, Pennsylvania, Delaware, Maryland, New York, Virginia, North Carolina, West Virginia, Rhode Island, Connecticut, Massachusetts, Ohio, Michigan, Kentucky, Illinois, Indiana, Washington D.C., and South Carolina.

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Sandblast Solutions has these units available for sale or rent and can deliver them right to your job site. Call (609) 301-7599 or contact us online for pricing.