The FuelCube is a compact and economic stationary fuel tank designed for onsite fuel supply and fleet refueling. The FuelCube includes features such as an integral lockable equipment cabinet for security and 4-way forklift pockets for easy mobility when empty.

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Available for Rental: 250 Gallons and 500 Gallons

Onsite Fuel Supply – Keep fuel strategically located onsite to refuel construction machinery without having to wait for fuel deliveries.

Generators and Auxiliary Equipment – The FuelCube can connect to one diesel powered piece of equipment and dispense fuel by pump at the same time.

Fleet Refueling – In remote locations or on your facility, the FuelCube can be fitted to refuel your fleet and reduce any unneeded downtime.

Specifications FCP250 FCP500 FCP1000
Capacity 250 GALLONS 500 GALLONS 1000 GALLONS
Dimensions(IN /LXWXH) 45 X 45 X 49.60 86 X 44.5 X 46 90 X 86 X 46
Weight (LBS) 919 EMPTY
3,086 FULL
1,565 EMPTY
5,481 FULL
2,381 EMPTY
10,802 FULL

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