All types of pumps, spray guns, hoses & accessories can be rented or purchased from Sandblast Solutions and delivered to your jobsite. WIWA pumps can be packaged with all of the necessary plural component spray equipment in a convenient trailer.

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Choose the Right Plural Component Spray Equipment Rentals

Plural component spray units are custom spray systems typically used on large commercial painting jobs. These units use two or more coatings, like epoxy or polyurethanes, which are then combined and sprayed simultaneously on a surface.

Typically, industrial paint jobs require a specialized coating system to meet coating regulations. If the contractor is hired to re-coat a water tank, this equipment is not only used to meet those standards but to reduce atmospheric emissions in order to protect the drinking water.

  • Mixing System
    Either mechanical or electrical proportions that mix 2-3 components during application.
  • Heating System
    Most spray equipment is equipped with inline heaters that reduce coating viscosity before the operator switches into spray mode.
  • Spray Gun
    The mechanism that sprays the mixed coating system.
  • Cost & Time Savings.
    Real-time mixing capabilities during the application process. This means you are only mixing what you need for the job.
  • Greater Precision.
    This custom spray equipment is designed to offer consistency and precision so on the job mistakes don’t take place.
  • Environmentally Friendly.
    Since they use very little solvents, emissions and waste are low.
  • Less labor.
    This system is easily manageable, which cuts back on labor.

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