ADI 6 Pot Grit Recycler Rental

ADI 6 pot recycler

Equipment Features

Manual Clutch Standard
 Vacuum Hopper with Primary Belt Screen
Combo Classifier with Air Wash, Patented Belt Screen, Magnetic Separator, and Dust Collector All-In-One
 Processes Steel Grit and Non-Ferrous Abrasives (Garnet, Aluminum Oxide)
 Grit Transfer System Uses Compressed Air to Transfer Recycled Grit from Classifier to Storage Hopper
 Six Individual Pots with Oversized Grit Storage
All Controls 24VDC, No Generators Required
 Exclusive 4-Wire Deadman Switches and Big Mouth Choke Features on all Control Panels

Product Specifications

Cummins 400HP Diesel Engine
Vacuum System with Roots Vacuum Blower, Model 1125 Trinado
5000 CFM Capacity Vacuum System Dust Collector
Pleated Polyester Filter Cartridges
3500 CFM Capacity Air Dryer
2500 CFM Capacity Recycle Dust Collector
Heavy-Duty Custom Designed Trailer
13’6″ Overal Height; Weighs: 58,000 lbs.
150psi Working Pressure


Double Chambered Airlock for Continuous Dust Discharge even while vacuuming
Sound Enclosure Feature for quiet performance
Automatic Hydraulic Clutch

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