crushed glassSelecting an abrasive media comes down to application and preference, and crushed glass is a perfect option for those looking for a reliable all-purpose abrasive that can handle just about any industrial job.

What is Crushed Glass?

Glass abrasives offer eco and operator-friendly benefits because the glass is 100% recycled, does not create any environmental concerns, and is easier to clean up than other types of abrasives.

Its irregular shape and sharp texture are ideal for concrete preparation and restoration. Glass abrasives work great with dry and wet blasting machines like our blast pots or dustless vapor blasting equipment, providing increased productivity with less disposal and abrasive costs.

Benefits of Recycled Crushed Glass: 

  • Non-Toxic
    Its closed crystalline structure decreases the likelihood of respiratory concerns.
  • Versatile 
    Compatible with dry or water blasting machines applications.
  • Guaranteed Results
    Delivers a whiter, natural finish on metals.


Extra Coarse
Extra coarse glass abrasive should be used for heavy blasting jobs where rust or thick coatings are prevalent. Great for concrete, structural steel or recycling blast applications.
Coarse glass abrasive delivers the same promise as extra coarse but is used frequently to strip paint and epoxy or prepare concrete.
Medium glass abrasive is often used for wet blasting operations to cut vinyl, epoxy, or enamel coatings and restore surfaces.
Fine glass abrasives should be used for cleaning and restoration on wood, aluminum, or fiberglass products. Fine recycled glass is wet blasting compatible and often used to clean automotive and medical parts.

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