Sandblast Solutions, Inc. is an official HoldTight®102 distributor.  5 gallon pails and 55 gallon drums can be delivered to any job site in the United States along with other sandblasting and coating supplies and accessories.

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HoldTight®102 removes salts, degreases, and prevents flash rust.

  • HoldTight® 102 can be used with wet abrasive, water blasting, UHP, or after dry blasting.
  • Usually allows at least a 48-hour rust-free window – even up to 4 or 5 days or more in many cases – before coating.
  • Leaves no film or residue – unlike many inhibitors, does not create a moisture barrier to make a “protective coating between the surface and the new coating.”
  • Will not interfere with primer or coating adhesion. In fact, it’s cleaning properties actually enhance long term performance.
  • HoldTight® 102 has been tested and approved by most major coating manufacturers.

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HoldTight®102 works as a rust preventer because it removes soluble salts and other contaminants.

HoldTight®102 and dry blasting

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HoldTight®102 works to remove surface salt, rust and other serious contaminants during your wet abrasive or wet blasting project. Visit our store to order reliable blasting & painting products geared to clean and maintain your surfaces for longer lasting performance. Featured manufacturers include Axxiom, HoldTight, WIWA, RPB Safety, Van Air Systems, Western Technology, Graco Inc., & Tri-Tech.

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