Sandblast Solutions, Inc. is an official HoldTight®102 distributor.  5-gallon pails and 55-gallon drums can be delivered to any job site in the United States along with other sandblasting and coating supplies and accessories.

HoldTight®102 removes salts, degreases, and prevents flash rust.

  • HoldTight® 102 can be used with wet abrasive, water blasting, UHP, or after dry blasting.
  • Usually allows at least a 48-hour rust-free window – even up to 4 or 5 days or more in many cases – before coating.
  • Leaves no film or residue – unlike many inhibitors, does not create a moisture barrier to make a “protective coating between the surface and the new coating.”
  • Will not interfere with primer or coating adhesion. In fact, it’s cleaning properties actually enhance long term performance.
  • HoldTight® 102 has been tested and approved by most major coating manufacturers.

Official HoldTight® Distributor

HoldTight LogoHoldTight®102 works as a rust preventer because it removes soluble salts and other contaminants.

  • Acts in part as a surfactant: it reduces the surface tension of water so it cleans better.
  • Eliminates surface salts and other contaminants that help cause rust to form.
  • HoldTight® 102 entirely evaporates from the substrate along with the moisture left on the surface by the blasting operation.

HoldTight®102 and dry blasting

  • When a dry blasted surface flash rusts immediately, high levels of contaminants are probably present.
  • Dramatically reduce or eliminate the contaminants and open a 48+ hour window by washing the surface with clean water treated with HoldTight®102, diluted 50 to one, at 500 psi (34 bar) at 1-3 gpm (3.8-11.4 lpm) or greater.
  • However, contaminant levels on dry blasted surfaces may be so high – in part because dry blasting concentrates contaminants – that 1500+ psi wash down or even re-blasting may be necessary.
  • Whenever very high levels of contaminants are present, the better practice is to use wet abrasive or water blasting with HoldTight®102 in the first place, rather than dry blasting.

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