What is Wet Blasting?

Commonly known as vapor blasting, wet blasting is a popular form of industrial surface finishing. Dustless vapor blasters use blasting media to impact tough surfaces while reducing dust and clean cleanup costs.

What is Abrasive Media?

Abrasives are nonorganic or organic materials that work with blasters to create new surface profiles through intense impact. Different forms of media are used depending on the job and desired results. Their composition and interaction with water can be particularly advantageous in certain environments.

Common abrasives include:

Wet Blasting vs. Dry Blasting

Which process you use depends on budget, media type and your industrial environment.

Wet blasting is often preferred over dry blasting because the media is moistened prior to hitting the surface, which creates less of a mess on the job. Wet media particles are contained in water droplets which deters dust. When media droplets hit your surface, hydrostatic pressure creates a reaction that blasts away coatings.

Dry blasting is typically budget friendly and faster than wet blasting because you don’t have to wait for your surface to dry. When dry media hits a surface, it breaks and creates dust particles. Depending on the application, it can create a safety concern if your operation takes place in a confined area.

Wet Blasting Applications & Benefits

  • Industrial Environments
    Wet blasting is a safe alternative to dry blasting in areas where flammable gasses are present.
  • Outdoor Settings
    Wet blasting takes care of containment where airborne dusts are a concern.
  • Construction Sites
    Wet blasting is a safe practice alongside other workers on the job.
  • Fragile Surfaces
    Wet blasting operates at a lower PSI and is the preferred method of blasting for delicate surfaces.

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Wet Blasting steel beams

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