The Advantages of Plural Component Spray Systems

Purchasing a plural component spray system can seem like a huge expense; however, when you factor in the advantages of this type of equipment, it is often less expensive for many industrial painting jobs.

  1. Shorter curing time means less downtime – Traditional epoxy coatings can take 6 days to fully cure and start reusing the tank or other painted surfaces.  Plural component spray coatings cure in 48 hours.
  2. Longer Life Expectancy – A plural component spray system has a higher milage in a single coat than several coats of epoxy.  With about 30 mils DFT, the plural component paint has a longer life expectancy than traditional epoxy goes on at 12-15 mils DFT.
  3. Faster Application Time – Only a single coat of plural component spray is needed compared to 2 or more coats of epoxy.  This means that the crew spends less time on the application process.

What are the disadvantages of plural component spray systems?

The main disadvantage of these systems is a limited pot life.  After the hardener/activator has been added to the pot it can only be applied for a certain amount of time depending on the size of the pot and the conditions.  So some jobs require frequent attention to refresh the pots.

The other disadvantage to these systems is that they are expensive to purchase.  Sandblast Solutions, Inc. has skid mounted spray systems available for rent with everything required for operation.  Renting these systems is a great way to avoid the high initial cost and maintenance involved while still getting all of the advantages described above.  The equipment is rented with a trained operator that will manage and maintain the equipment at the job site.  Learn more about renting or purchasing a plural component spray system.

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