Steel Grit Recycler

Steel Grit Recyclers are Back in Stock

Take advantage and rent one of our steel grit recyclers to squeeze in more jobs before winter hits! We have 2, 4 and 6 pot units available. These machines have everything you need for surface preparation including vacuum and blast pots. Plus they help you save money on abrasives and disposal. Just hook up your […]

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CIM coatings

Sandblast Solutions Becomes a Distributor of C.I.M. Coating Products

Sandblast Solutions, Inc. (SSI) has recommended using coatings from C.I.M. Industries Inc. for many of their industrial painting clients for years and now has the ability to sell the products directly. The most popular CIM coatings include CIM 1000, CIM 1000TG, CIM 1061, and CIM 800.  Support products, such as CIM Epoxy Primer and CIM bonding agent, […]

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Dry Ice Blasting at Restoration Project

Dry Ice Blasting Makes Reaching Food Safety Standards Simpler

In any food processing facility, safety and sanitation are key. In order to create the best quality product, your facility needs to be spotless. It also needs to be cleaned using solutions without any harmful chemicals. In many cases, the industry even regulates how many hours must be spent cleaning the space and equipment. Satisfying […]

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Decon Trailer

How Decontamination Trailers Work

Decontamination trailers are a necessity in any situation where lead paint, asbestos, chemicals, or any other hazardous material needs to removed. Lead paint removal is common in industrial coating projects that require sandblasting equipment. When employees enter the trailer, they start in what is called the “dirty room”. This is where each person undresses and […]

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dry ice blasting

3 Uses for Dry Ice Blasting in Restoration Projects

This post was provided by HOW Restoration & Construction, a Sandblast Solutions customer for dry ice blasting machines. Labor costs are usually the biggest expense in any restoration project.  Dry ice blasting makes cleaning fast and easy compared to traditional methods, and it can be used on materials that you would have never guessed could […]

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Spray Unit

The Advantages of Plural Component Spray Systems

Purchasing a plural component spray system can seem like a huge expense; however, when you factor in the advantages of this type of equipment, it is often less expensive for many industrial painting jobs. Shorter curing time means less downtime – Traditional epoxy coatings can take 6 days to fully cure and start reusing the tank […]

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ecoquip 2 400T blast unit

When to use Vapor Blasting instead of Sandblasting

Vapor blasting kits can be a big time-saver in smaller outdoor jobs that require sandblasting. For cleaning up small areas, such as graffiti removal, vapor blasting equipment is a great fit. The equipment can be set up quickly and, most importantly, the cleanup is minimal. Vapor blasting uses about a quarter of the abrasive required […]

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