WIWA – 71:1 GX Herkules Model 270071 (Out of Stock)


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Product Description

GX Herkules paint spraying units are particularly suitable for large area and high-build coatings with very high pressure ratios and enormous delivery rates. Even if you use several spray guns at the same time and have hoses that are more than 100 m long, these airless paint spraying units cope quite easily.
High-quality and robust WIWA pump technology with high and even extremely high pressure transmission rates and enormous volumetric capacities to meet highest demands.

The new models 35075 and 35061 are maximum power units for large area and thick-film coatings. They have a very high pressure ratio and superior pumping capacities. Even the use of several spray guns and hose lengths from more than 100 m (without noticeable pressure drop) is no problem for this spraying equipment. This enables area output values and coating thicknesses, that had never been achieved before.

The new modles 48057 und 48046 are units with higher pumping capacities in connection with a high pressure ratio.

With their enormous pumping rate of 550 ccm per double stroke, the models 60036 and 60028 are ideally suited for use in automatic and manual paint circulation and spray painting systems.

  • Air motor runs without oil
  • Minimal icing
  • Reduced noise
  • Low pulsation for precise results
  • Compact air maintenance unit directly on the air motor
  • Material pump & high-pressure filter made of stainless steel
  • Material pump & high pressure filter are easily serviced using the included hook spanner
  • All material bearing parts are made of stainless steel
  • Multi functional frame equipped with large wheels & holders for the suction hose, user manual & tools