3 Uses for Dry Ice Blasting in Restoration Projects

dry ice blastingThis post was provided by HOW Restoration & Construction, a Sandblast Solutions customer for dry ice blasting machines.

Labor costs are usually the biggest expense in any restoration project.  Dry ice blasting makes cleaning fast and easy compared to traditional methods, and it can be used on materials that you would have never guessed could be blasted. Here are the best applications for dry ice blasting in the restoration business.

1. Fire Restoration

Fire restoration has always been a labor-intensive process.  Building materials that cannot be replaced were either sanded, sandblasted, or cleaned with chemicals.  Dry ice blasting is much faster than both sanding and traditional sandblasting, which requires clean-up of the abrasive media. It can also be used on many more types of materials without the fear of causing damage. Chemicals used for cleaning can discolor or damage the materials, and that process requires more labor.  Renting or buying a dry ice blasting machine can save a ton of time and money on fire restoration projects.

2. Mold Remediation from Water & Flood Damage

Mold removal specialists have found that dry ice blasting is much more efficient than scraping and sanding.  While you still need to use the proper protective equipment, the hazardous dust from dry ice blasting is far less than traditional cleaning methods.

Mold remediation is often performed in attics, basements, crawl spaces, etc., that are hard to reach.  With the addition of long nozzles and hoses, a dry ice blasting machine can help clear out those difficult-to-reach areas.

Mold can also grow in HVAC ducts, electrical equipment and wiring, or on plumbing where traditional cleaning methods are either not possible, dangerous, or very tedious. Dry ice blasting is a safer and simpler way to clean these types of equipment.

3. Historical Restoration

Dry ice blasting is often used to restore historical buildings, statues, or sculptures.  The softness of the dry ice pellets prevents damage; the unique reaction of the pellets on the substrate is strong enough to remove paint and other contaminates, but not hard enough to damage marble, stone, copper, or iron.

Various nozzle sizes make it possible to reach cracks and crevices that would be very difficult to reach with other restoration techniques. Also, the dry ice does not leave water or blast media behind in small openings.

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