How Decontamination Trailers Work

Decontamination trailers are a necessity in any situation where lead paint, asbestos, chemicals, or any other hazardous material needs to removed. Lead paint removal is common in industrial coating projects that require sandblasting equipment.

When employees enter the trailer, they start in what is called the “dirty room”. This is where each person undresses and places all contaminated equipment and suits into an enclosure for cleaning. The air in the dirty room is kept separate from the air in the rest of the trailer using a negative air machine.

Workers then move into the shower area, where they shower like they would at home to remove any contaminants that may have made their way through protective equipment or come in contact with the body in removing the equipment.

Next, workers pass through a door to the “clean room,” where their clean street clothes are waiting.

Shower trailers from Sandblast Solutions come with an HVAC system that provides heat or air conditioning in the trailer for comfort. A tankless hot water heater provides hot water from a 100-gallon tank that can be refilled with an on-site water source.

Trailers are great for industrial coating projects because they can easily be brought in and removed when the job is complete. For a quote on decon trailer rental, call (609) 301-7599 or contact us. Learn more about our EconDecon trailers.

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